Friday, 3 December 2010

Arenig Fawr

Last week we went on fieldwork to North Wales, to the Tremadoc of Arenig Fawr, to be exact. Rumours of complete sponges and possible worms can't be ignored! With unerring timing, we picked the weekend with snow. Deep snow. The sort of snow you don't expect in Wales, in November. The mountain looked like this:

The rocks looked like this:

And Joe looked like this:

The happy expression is due to finding sponges, worms and some other interesting bits and pieces.

Thanks are due to Chris, Naomi and Neil, for coming in the first place and not complaining about the cold!


  1. Congratulations on getting your blog up and running. I can't see how the authorities could possibly object to a blog about fossils and knitting!! As you will see, I am your first follower! Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your trip east. Keep in touch. love Penny

  2. Hey! thanks for the heads-up. Looking forward to your eclectic adventures. ahem, the usage of 'deep snow' requires the use of snowshoes. but your new finds, wow! don't run out of names...
    cheers from the tundra

  3. Thanks Mike! Running out of names is actually a resious issue at the moment. We tend to expect a couple of new species per day in Wales, which is why I limit myself mostly to sponges, worms and echinoderms...
    As for the deep snow, this is the UK - a centimetre causes chaos, remember? ;-)