Sunday, 3 July 2011

The gap in posts is because we've been in a remote part of North Wales, and haven't had internet access. This is where we were: Hell's Mouth Bay on the Llyn Peninsula. You can see that the exposure is quite good. The rock are the sandstones and mudstones of the Hell's Mouth Bay Formation, with the sandstones tending to stand out. The formation is of Early Cambrian age, so a bit older than the rocks that we normally look at. We went here because of a report from the 1950s of abundant sponge spicules throughout the beds. Our thinking was that abundant sponge spicules = complete sponges somewhere in the sequence, and this did prove to be the case, although it took a lot of work to find them.

We stayed in  a nice little holiday cottage a few hundred metres from the rocks. Thoroughly enjoyed eating British food again - the refrain of the two weeks was "I haven't eaten X in six months!" where X could be, for example, proper chips, hummous, oat cakes, vegetarian sausages...

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