Sunday, 20 February 2011

Royal Tea

royal milk tea
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Browsing in the supermarket, I spotted this: British-style Royal Milk Tea. I couldn't resist the chance to see what the Chinese think British tea is like.

Lower photo shows the contents of the cup: tea powder and milk powder mixed. The little plastic pot contains jelly. Yes, you read that correctly, jelly. There was also a straw, the reason for which became clear after making the tea.

Upon adding hot water, the powder dissolved and the jelly sank to the bottom. The straw is for drinking the tea and sucking up the small pieces of jelly. It tasted like a cup of medium-strength tea with UHT milk. The pieces of jelly at the bottom didn't melt, but stayed as small cubes to be chewed. Nice, but I certainly wouldn't give it to the Queen.

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