Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Year of the rabbit

year of the rabbit
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Happy New Year of the rabbit to everyone!

They like their fireworks here. All day yesterday people were letting off firecrackers in the street. These are long strings of fireworks wrapped in red paper. You put it on the pavement, light one or both ends, and stand back a bit. They make a loud bang but not much of a flash, so good for daylight.

There were a lot of fireworks around 8.30 p.m. - more firecrackers, but also rockets.

At midnight, the whole city let off fireworks simultaneously. The sky was so bright that it could have been daylight. I was particularly impressed by the person in the building opposite who had fire fountains coming out of their window. Someone had a whole line of rockets and firecrackers on the nearby pedestrian crossing - fortunately there wasn't much traffic at the time. There were rockets being set off from the pavement in front of our building, which were exploding in front of our window.

The firecrackers started up again about 7 a.m., and are still going.

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