Friday, 27 May 2011

freya cardigan 2

freya cardigan 2 by hallucygenia
freya cardigan 2, a photo by hallucygenia on Flickr.

Just a very quick post to say that the cardigan didn't come unravelled when it was cut open, and it's now very handy on slightly chilly evenings.

On a totally unrelated topic, we had heard that there is an Irish pub in Nanjing, and had been meaning to go for a while. Last night we finally got there, and it is indeed an Irish pub, with Guinness adverts, beer, chips and an excellent selection of single malts. The barmaids wore kilts. Live music two nights a week, although not the night we went. There were more Westerners there than we’ve seen in one place since we came here. A place we’ll definitely be going back to, although not too often as it’s fairly pricy.

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