Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bugs already!

Welcoming party
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Hi All,
A quick update to explain why there are no updates... it seems there are big problems with setting up the internet in our apartment, due possibly to the service provider not setting up the IP address, and possibly just to us having foreign laptops. Who knows? Help is at hand, but we're getting nowhere as yet.

In the meantimen, this delightful chappie is Erthesina fullo, a common shieldbug in these parts. Those who know my appreciation for the things will be delighted to hear that he's hibernating in our apartment. He keeps giving us a bit of a scare by wandering around on the floor and other such hazardous places, but besides that is a delight to have around.

We now have an office as well - we're the first inhabitants of an ongoingly-refurbished old hotel building. Amongst the piles of dust and rubble in the corridors, I've also picked up a couple of dead ones - another shieldbug and some sort of alydid bug, I think. We're thinking it's going to be fun in the summer!

More soon, hopefully!

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