Thursday, 27 January 2011

Our apartment

Our apartment
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Finally, we have internet in our apartment! This is what it looks like - one room plus bathroom, which is just out of sight on the right. We're on the 12th floor (11th by British reckoning) of an apartment building. We have a nice view of a mountain.

Note the air conditioner on the wall at the top right - it will blow hot air instead of cold, although we had rather a cold night before we worked out how to make it do this! Also note the carpetless floor. This all adds up to a climate in which the summer heat is more of a problem than the winter cold. However, it is below zero at the moment, hence the double layer of quilts on the bed. Fluffy slippers are not visible in this photo, but Joe is wearing them.

The cooker is just visible near the bottom left - more on that in another post!

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