Thursday, 27 January 2011

Snow on solar panels

Apparently snow is quite rare in Nanjing... but we'd only just got rid of the last lot, and now look! It's still falling at the moment, but isn't quite sure whether to be sleet or not.
It's amazing to see the difference between how people here deal with snow compared with the UK - don't forget they're even less used to it here. We had a few inches in the last bout, but immediately there were large numbers of people out with bamboo brooms clearing the pavements, and putting matting down outside their doors. Perhaps the traffic was a little bit slower (it's hard to tell at rush hour...) but other than that life just carried on pretty much as normal. I only wonder whether most UK workers would have the flexibility in the schedules to take part in the sweeping.

On a different note, the solar panels are good to see - most of the apartment blocks have them, which is probably a good thing given the inevitable pressures on the energy system in this country, I wonder whether Nanjing receives some of the energy from the Three Gorges Dam project, which is not too far away...

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