Saturday, 29 January 2011

Decorative cabbages

Xuanwu cabbages 2
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Today we went out shopping, to buy a nice tea set as a joint Christmas/New Year present to and from each other. Photo of that tomorrow!

On the way we passed through Xuanwu Lake, which is a scenic park with lots of little pagodas, statues, bamboo and interesting trees. Normally you have to pay to enter, but not at this time of year. The benefit of the cold weather is that it isn't crowded! We took a few photographs of various interesting things there. Joe has pictures of statues and so on on his flickr photostream. I took a photo of cabbages, because I think they look rather nice.

The disadvantage of the cold weather is that there it's too cold for most plants at this time of year. However, decorative cabbages are everywhere. They do give rather a nice effect.

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